How to build micro frontends in React, Vue.js, and Web Components using Podium for server-side composition

The idea behind micro frontends is to think about a website or web app as a composition of features that are often owned by independent teams. An excellent place to start reading up on micro frontends is here.

Podium is a framework for composing micro frontends on the server-side, developed and maintained by the Norwegian company for their classified ads site. It is implemented in JavaScript and runs on Node.js. A quick read-through their documentations and guides is a good place to start.

The setup

The goal is creating something suitable for an organisation with multiple autonomous teams, both vertical and…

How to setup a npm package project with Web Components using Lerna, Rollup, TypeScript and Jest.

I’m no expert, so I suggest you don’t trust everything I write below. That said, this worked on my machine 🙈 and is what I used to figure out how to setup my own npm package with Web Components using Lerna, Rollup, TypeScript and Jest. If you find something I should change, please head over to the discussion on GitHub and help me make both the article and the example repo better.

I won’t dwell too much on my choice of frameworks, I guess you landed on this guide because you googled for some of them.

My initial goal was…

Om å være ærlig med seg selv.

Photo by Free To Use Sounds on Unsplash

Jeg har på ingen måter mistrivdes i mine tidligere jobber og har for det meste gledet meg til å gå på jobb. I nesten hele min yrkeskarriere har jeg jobbet med ledelse av utviklingsprosjekter og team. Inntil nylig var dette en naturlig karriere å bygge videre på.

Som nyutdannet fikk jeg meg en jobb som utvikler, men det tok ikke mer enn et par uker før jeg ble spurt om jeg kunne lede et prosjekt. Det virket jo som om jeg kunne passe til det? Sant nok, jeg passet til det. …

Jens-Christian Bjerkek

Working as a developer at SpareBank 1 Utvikling

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